Wednesday, January 5, 2011

365 Project, the first 5 days!

365 Project is one of my (2011) New Year resolution. The main purpose of this project is to capture each day of my 2011, and let the photo tell the story of what i've been through or an interesting things that happens to me on that day. You can call it a diary in a shape of a standard photo which can be captured using an ordinary digicam, cell phone cam, or maybe a fancy DSLR. I'm planning on updating these project to my blog once in 5 days passed. And today is January 6th, it's time to update the first period! Please enjoy!

D001 /01Jan11. Lil kid wannabe.
After more than 6months, i finally conquer this "so called starship flight" (well that's to much). Why did i need such a long time? Because there's no "adult" actually get in this game, most of them are kids. Well, a bit ashamed with the way people looked at me. But, this curiosity is killing me :p Location : Timezone KGM

D002. 02Jan11. Ramen day! Accompanied with my bestiest, had a so-so ramen, but a great day!
Full of laugh and of course so many things to catch up! We should do this often gurls!
Location : Kiyadon Sushi GI

D003. 03Jan11. Shitty day.
My movie marathon was ruined because of rain, YES, RAIN!
I can't ride my bike to KGM, and wait my whole life (literary) for a taxi and what d you say? there's none!! So i decided to take angkot (KWK?) instead, and 30mins late or the movie :(
This is my first time take this route, hopefully wont be my last.
Thank god everything turns better after arrived at KGM and finally meet my friend :)
Rain, oh rain, I love you, but not this way :(

D004. 04Jan11. Postcard day!Just arrived home from work, and look what i got!!
An Indian postcard from one of my bestiest who travels in India for Christmas and New Year holiday. Thanks a bunch ya Dian! It is lovely, like it much!!

D005. 05Jan11. Blog day!What's this? It's my blog
What makes it special? Hmm.. Look at the readers reaction, they think mu lattest update funny and cool! It's a first time for me! ;"> Maybe it's a bit cheesy for you, but for me it's definitely an improvement! LOL

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