Monday, March 11, 2013

Tidungers goes to Lombok!

Do you have friends whom you know from a trip? Well, I have, loads of them and I love each every one.
Me, and my fellow Tidungers
As you all might know, I fall deeply in love with travel thingy, backpacker, flashpacker, whatever you all name it. About 3 years ago, I joined a trip to Tidung Island, a tiny part of the awesome Thousand Island (Pulau Seribu). From the trip I've met a very chaotic group (in a good way) and we all became mates, until now. Tidungers, that's how we call our group. Though we don't have a routine meeting agenda, but somehow we manage to keep in touch, whether it's through FB, twitter or recently, by WhatsApp. Last September Me, 5 others Tidungers and 1 additional pax went on a silly trip to Lombok, and surprise surprise, I'm the EO. 

Started with Me passing info about Garuda Indonesia's flight promo during our meeting at Pisa Cafe, and voila at that moment 5 of us bought bought a return ticket CGK - LOP for 850K per person. Cheap? Hell it is! Excited, we informed it in to group messenger, one of our friend interested in join our trip, so he also bought the ticket.

See you again Jakarta!
The trip start from 05 September 12, flight schedule 1810. Traffic made us (Me, Kiki and Oom Bekti) reach the airport quite late. Because of it, one of us, Oom Bekti got an upgrade to Executive Class, Lucky ba*tard! But he was nice and gave the seat to me, so i can taste the "front seat". The flight run smoothly, the meal was delicious, the flight attendants were nice, what an enjoyable flight. We arrived at Lombok's new International Airport in Praya around 2130 local time. A friend of Ombek (that's how we called him) pick us up at the airport and drove us to our guest house for the night. We stayed at Ressa Guesthouse, located in Senggigi. The place is quite nice, and the most important, cheap! We met one additional member on our trip, Emmy, there. She already arrived in Lombok this afternoon.
Hello there Lombok!
Afternoon stroll
To Sendang Gileeee
The following day I woke up early as the itinerary for this day was tight. We're planning on visit the famous Tiu Kelep, which located in North part of Lombok then heading to Gili Trawangan from Bangsal. There were we, 6 adventurer from Jakarta and 1 annoying person from Semarang (LOL) try to conquer Lombok by ourselves! We rent an APV with no driver for couple of days, and none of us are locals. So we depended on Gmap and ask the locals for direction. First destination of the day, Tiu Kelep, that's the plan,   yet we ended up in Sendang Gile waterfall *LOL*. This is when my friends start to call me "EO Brengsek", hahaha. FYI, though "EO brengsek" has a rude meaning, but it was only for fun, so no hard feeling!