Monday, April 23, 2012

2 Weeks Indochina, What a trip! -Part 2-

D04, Sep 22, 2011. Where were we? Ah, so we took the night bus to Siem Reap (SR). My calculation we shall arrive at SR at 1300 (local time), but unfortunately I was wrong! It turns out we arrived at 1730. There were some reason why it took us a longer time arrive in SR, Vietnam – Cambodia open close timing is one of the reason. The border opens at 0600, while it took only about 3hrs from HCMC to the border, so we spent another 3hrs outside the gate! Just to make it short, at 06AM one of PIC from bus company asked us to come down to the border office, we didn’t have to bring our luggage for check. Since it’s still early morning, so there were not many people at the border. We got our stamp easily, and at that time we just realized that there are no Visa in our passport, we only got stamp. We ask to one of border officer, he said “as per SEP 22, 2011 Indonesian passport holder no longer need visa to enter Cambodia”. At that time we were like “HURRAAYY” and after a second we realized that we already gave our money for Visa to the bus company!

By the time we reached Pnom Penh for a short transit (changing bus), we asked for our money back to the bus company (which happens also has an office in Pnom Penh). Unfortunately the officer can’t give us our money back, and told us to take our money at their office at HCMC *super crap*! Finally we agreed to it and asked the officer to write down a statement so it will easier for us to take our money back. Just make short, so there were we arrived safe and sound at SR, and thanks y got a free picked up service from guesthouse using tuk tuk (cart which attached to a bike). Happy Guesthouse, that’s the name. It is located nearby the bus station (approx 15mins ride) and it was a cozy place with a little restaurant in front. This is one of a recommended guesthouse in SR, it only cost us 7USD for a triple room with fan for 1night (exclude breakfast)!