Friday, September 21, 2012

Short Getaway Ujung Genteng

It doesn't matter where we go, but who we're going with. It's true, don't you think? I enjoy going on a trip to a not well-known location with people i love instead of going to Europe with people i hate.

Me and my gals :)
A week after Eid Mubarak, I went to for a short getaway to Ujung Kulon with my lovely Fat-and-Furious girls (Avi, Shalli, Gina and Zaki) and Arya (Gina's husband). By short I really mean short in time. We spend less than 2 days, including the journey between Jakarta and Ujung Genteng. Though it's extremely short, but we had a fabulous time during the trip!

Hello, Me!
Me and the gals 
Few days before the trip we had a difficulty looking for driver who willing to drive us a 6-7hours journey to Ujung Genteng. Though i can drive, yet I don't trust my self that much, thus I'm more of a-matic-vehicle type of driver. Since it's still a holiday season, rate for a-rent-a-car-driver is super expensive, around 400K a day! So, i decided to look for a free driver by posting it on twitter. Luckily, Attriya respond my tweet and he willing to drive us, with one condition, we must go back to Jakarta early in the morning on Sunday. Since we got no better offer, so we decided to say YES and take the offer.

Here comes the Day! Friday, August 24, the day for Ujung Genteng trip also my last day working in GTA! After having a heartbreak farewell with my colleagues I went to Plaza Semanggi, our meet up point. Once all gathered, we took off and start the trip, yeeaay, Ujung Genteng, here we come! As i remember from my late trip to Ujung Genteng, it took whole life to reach the location, but not this time. Though it took more than 7hours ride, but I really enjoy the journey, so it doesn't really felt that long! After 2 stops on the way, we manage to arrive at Ujung Genteng approx in 3AM and go straight to Pondok Hexa, an inn nearby the beach. Since our bungalow shall available at 12, they give us a small room just to take a short rest. Well actually there's only me, Avi, Shalli and Zaki who get to sleep in the room while the other had to sleep in the car *evil grin*

Thursday, September 20, 2012

We're happy to help :)

Happiness is only real when shared.
That quote is suitable for my current post. No, it's not about my travel experience, it's about the time when we, me and my Fat-and-Furious girls held a fund raise to help our brother's and sister who hit by a disaster in early of August.

It was Monday night when a friend of mine, Attriya, post some photos of huge fire around Benhil area to our whatsapp group. I was shocked as it's located nearby my office. It was told that the flame was spread rapidly and cause huge damage to almost 300 houses, 500 families became refuge. I really want to do something for them, so i shared this info to my beloved Fat-and-Furious group and luckily they gave a good respond to what i said.

On the next day is started to spread the news to all my friends and colleagues through emails and social medias. Gratefully they're willing to help by giving some amount of money for the victim. By few hours, we manage to collect more than 2 millions rupiah in cash, and by Saturday (final collect day) we manage to collect around 7 millions rupiah in cash and several bags of used clothes, WOW! This is amazing!

Crazy Sukabumi!

Have you ever experience a-non-stop-eat-travel experience, by not stop i mean NON STOP CHEWING FOOD? Well, i had, with my fellow Fat-And-Furious girls. Sukabumi, that's where we heading. "Panen ayam" that would be the first plan.

After a looongg discussion, we finally actualized the plan on going to Sukabumi. No, not doing what they called "Panen Ayam" but to have a relax weekend and do some rafting. It was 4 of us, Me, Shalli, Avi and Gina. Not to forget, Pak Apud who willing to drive us to Sukabumi.
It was a cold saturday morning and i already on the road heading to Shalli's place, our meet up point. Around 7AM we took off to Sukabumi and picked up Gina on the way. Got no chance on having breakfast earlier, so we stop by at a hospital and grab something to eat while Gina doing a check up for her stitches. FYI, Gina got into an accident few weeks back. Done with the stitches thingy and with tummy filled with food, we're actually start the journey, Sukabumi Here We Come!

I always thought that Sukabumi is nearby Bogor, so it won't waste much time to go there. HOWEVER, it took us around 6 to 7 hour to reach our final destination! Before we reach the place where we'll stay for the night, we stop by at a local restaurant and have an empal-ayam-goreng lunch. It's just about 15 minutes after our arrival when Teh (a sundanese call name for sister) Pur offer us a package of es-kelapa-muda with singkong-goreng. "We just had lunch like, 30minutes ago, save it for later lah", that what I say first, but when the menu served at the dining room I was like "hell why not??" (LOL). We're spent that afternoon with a non-stop-chewing activity.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend getaway - Harapan Island

Start with a tweet, and viola, here we are, having a weekend getaway to Harapan Island, one of the island located at the north parth of Pulau Seribu.

After planned this trip for less than a month, i finally able to gather a group of 11 pax for this weekend getaway. Most of the participants are from Fotodroids, a mobile photography using android community. As the EO, I'm a bit anxious for this trip.

We meet up at Muara Angke harbour at 06AM and took of to Harapan Island using a public boat approx at 0730AM. The harbour was super crowded with people who also wants to have a weekend getaway to Pulau Seribu. 3 hrs travel seems like forever, especially when we couldn't get a good spot at the boat. But once we reach the island, the tiresome was totally gone. Beaaacchhh! Hurrraayy~~

At the pier i finally meet up with the-home-boat-meal supplier whom I usually talked to on the phone. His name is Pak Rambo (not that "rambo"), he introduced me to our guide for today. The guide took us to the house, a 3 bedroom house which i rent for tonight. By the time we reach the house, lunch is already served. What a perfect time!