Thursday, September 20, 2012

We're happy to help :)

Happiness is only real when shared.
That quote is suitable for my current post. No, it's not about my travel experience, it's about the time when we, me and my Fat-and-Furious girls held a fund raise to help our brother's and sister who hit by a disaster in early of August.

It was Monday night when a friend of mine, Attriya, post some photos of huge fire around Benhil area to our whatsapp group. I was shocked as it's located nearby my office. It was told that the flame was spread rapidly and cause huge damage to almost 300 houses, 500 families became refuge. I really want to do something for them, so i shared this info to my beloved Fat-and-Furious group and luckily they gave a good respond to what i said.

On the next day is started to spread the news to all my friends and colleagues through emails and social medias. Gratefully they're willing to help by giving some amount of money for the victim. By few hours, we manage to collect more than 2 millions rupiah in cash, and by Saturday (final collect day) we manage to collect around 7 millions rupiah in cash and several bags of used clothes, WOW! This is amazing!

Based on survey conducted by Attriya, there are several things that they need urgently and we decided to use all the money to buy those essential things for the refuge. So, this Saturday we went shopping! More than 3hours, 4 trolley needed to bought all the necessary things such as milk, baby food, canned food, diapers, blanket, medicine, etc. By 1430 we pass it to the neutral post which held by the locals. After a brief chat with them, we're so happy to find that so many people this care and do the same thing like we does. Once we got the receipt, I was like.. Fiiuuhhh with a huge smile on my face :)

Quoted from my friend, Shalimma :
"When girls gathered, it is not always just gossips and giggles. We could do anything, if we really put our heart into it."