Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Lovely Birthday Trip

I wanna go somewhere on my birthday, to a place i love the most, the beach. That idea kept on popping in my head from early this year. My birthday falls on May 25, and by March i decided to spent my birthday in Bali, one of the paradise in Indonesia.

The first plan i had was experience land tour from Jakarta to Bali using bus and train as i never experience ferry crossing from Banyuwangi to Bali (viceversa). But since it took over a day to reach Bali by land, and I only have a limited time, so I decided to take flight to Bali instead and go back to Jakarta via Surabaya so I can still experience the ferry crossing. Well, it set then, time to have some fun!

Packed! Let's roll~~
24May12. Still got to work in the morning really frustrating as my mind keep on focusing to the holiday. Then, the best time has finally come, Bali here i come! My flight that day running smoothly, no delay, no turbulence, what a best way to start a holiday. To save cost, i stay over at my friend, Dita’s place. She also pick me up at the airport, using her bike, same bike that took me wander the city.

25May12. Happy birthday to me! Hoorray! As per today, i’m officially getting older by year. To celebrate it, I bought myself a package of Balihai cruise tour to Nusa Lembongan. Yes, i will spend the day of my birth in an island, enjoying some of “me time”. Since i bought this package through my office, so the sales person treat me very well, he even offer me to upgrade to a better package, on the house. Suprised of knowing i love diving as much i love snorkeling,  before taking off to Nusa Lembongan, he introduced me to the diving master and gave me some discount for diving trip. Once we arrived at Nusa Lembongan, the dive master encourage me to take the diving trip. Having a short budget i refuse the offer. When he knew that this was my birthday trip, he offer me a short diving trip for free! Yeeehhhaa~~ best birthday trip ever! Though it wasn’t the best diving spot, but for a free cost dive, it was more than enough! I love it~~

Good morning, Bali
Rest and Relax at Nusa Lembongan
Hammock-ing :)
Sail back to Denpasar
Spent my day at Nusa Lembongan was more fun than what i expected. Got the chance to meet and have a conversation with the tourist or just fell a sleep inside hammock below the tree, it felt like heaven on earth. As much i would like to stay longer, it’s time to go back to Denpasar. I had my birthday dinner at FlapJack Kuta with Dita and Dewi, my other friend who happens to be in Bali at the same time.

Happy birthday, to Me :)
My birthday dinner menu :p
26May12. Let’s explore Bali! Without any specific itinerary, me and Dita planning on visit some famous beaches there. I, myself have no idea which beach i want to visit, since we only have bike as our transportation. But, thank god one of Dita’s relative can drive us to Suluban (approx 45mins drive from Kuta) or well known as Blue Point Beach with he car. So, Suluban beach, here we come!

Suluban beach
Suluban, during sunset
I.LOVE.THIS.BEACH.! The beach itself located at hidden place, need some effort to go there, but it’s waaaay worthed! With a nice view (Bumer included), i’ve lost track of time. We stay there until sunset. On our way back, we’re craving for some of the famous ayam pedas bu oki, but unfortunately by the time we reach the place, the famous dishes all ready sold out. Uh well, it’s not our luck then.

Warung nasi ayam bu Oki ^^
Ayam pedas Bu Oki
27May12. This would be my last day in Bali as i will heading to Surabaya this afternoon. Today, Dita can manage to lend a car from her office and take me and 2 other wander around Ubud. Mmhhmm.. Ubud, the city of art, which I happens to love. Before heading to Ubud, we manage to have some meal at Ayam Pedas Bu Oki, Finally! After filled our tummy with the spicy “nasi campur” now it’s time to enjoy Ubud! Rain was puring hard once we arrived there, and many store are closed. We spent most of our time wandering the city from inside the car. By the time the stores started to open, we stop by at 2-3 stores for a window shopping.  Having a limited time is a bit suck when you’re visiting Ubud, because so many things to see there. We’re all a bit in a rush, especially by the time i got phone call from the travel company who inform me that they’ll will pick me up 2 hour earlier than schedule. After a hard arguement, the travel company pick me up by the schedule, so i still have time to meet my other mate, Betty. It was a bit nostalgic as both Dita and Betty were my collage mates, so glad we can hang out together.

Terasiring, Ubud
Well, its time to say goodbye to Bali, and Surabaya, here i come! Felt super tired, i fell a sleep during the long journey to Surabaya. And yes, i finally experienced the ferry crossing! It’s not as bad as i thought it would be, but it’s also not good either. I love merak – lampung ferry crossing even more :p.

Good morning, Surabaya!
Cheng Hoo Mosque
The famous Rujak Cinguk
28May12. Hello Surabaya! Arrived at surabaya 3 hours ealier than schedule, made me confuse what to do *phew*. Thank goodness the hotel (?) we stayed in is not too strict and allowed us to put our baggage there, and wait until morning come. Ah, i forgot to mentioned that i travel to surabaya with Dewi. At 5 we decided to go out and see what Surabaya has to offer. After as short pray at the station nearby, we look for breakfast at the Delta Plaza. While having breakfast I browse about this city and make a list on where to visit, first stop will be Masjid Cheng Hoo, the place where we met a nice lady who take us to the next destination, Masjid Ampel. After visit these 2 famous mosque, we’re planning on going to Suramadu bridge, yet i felt too tired already, so i cancel the plan and head back to hotel for check in. After some rest at the hotel, i meet up with my friends from Fotodroids community and spent the night with them while Dewi decided to have a full rest at the hotel.  

29May12. Since I still have time before my flight back to Jakarta, Uncis and Kiky (my FD friends) offered to take me and Dewi to House of Sampoerna. Super excited, me and Dewi prepared all of our things since early in the morning and put it at the concierge while we have a “short tour” from House of Sampoerna. I love it much! The tour itself, though it short but filled with saticfaction! We get to ride on a cute bus, visit several major TAs, and no cost what so ever! LOVE IT! Aside the city tour, we also got the chance to go inside the Sampoerna’s cigarette factory.

Enough with the tour, Uncis took us for a “Lontong Balap” lunch. It was my first time taste Lontong Balap, and i have to tell you, the taste is quite good! After lunch, time to say goodbye! Me and Dewi go back to our hotel while Uncis and Kiky go back to their home. It was a super short holiday in Surabaya, but I really enjoy it. Once we arrived at hotel, Me and Dewi go on separate route. I’m going back to Jakarta and Dewi continue her journey to Jogja.

Once my feet touch the ground in Jakarta, it means the holiday is over. Though it short, but i enjoy every minutes of it! This would be the best birthday trip ever! Can’t wait for my next birthday trip!