Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My lovely "duo kencur"

M. Rakha Indrawan

Duet of Alyssa Natanaela and M. Rakha Indrawan

Alyssa Natanaela

My lovely "Duo Kencur" who always filled my home with their laughs and cries. A bit annoying but loads of FUN!! Love them trully!! People said that they're cute, and indeed they are!! Why?? Because, ladies and gentlemen, i proudly pronounce to all of you, my lovely niece and nephew. The elder one named Alyssa Natanaela (we use to call he icha), she's a bit hyperactive little girl, likes to talk (wonder where she got it from huh... hihihi). And the younger one is M. Rakha Indrawan (we call him Rakha/Akha), start learning how to walk, like to grab his aunty's long hair (T_T).