Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A little part of New South Wales

After the beauty of New Zealand, now it's time to visit one of the hectic city in Australia, that is Sydney. We took 1325 flight from Christchurch and arrived at Sydney around 1450, there's 1hr time difference between Christchurch and Sydney. We had 5-6days in Sydney and my boss told me that those days will be filled with INSPECTIONS (uh man!), so sad to say that it wasn't a holiday :(

Sydney airport has a quite strict regulation, and it took quite a long time at the immigration. Finished with the luggage and passport/visa checking, then we ok to go! 2 of our colleagues welcomed us at the front, and took us to tour around the airport (they said, it's an Airport inspection) before drove us to hotel. Once we got to hotel there was a slight problem occurred, they can't find our booking! But after 1hr we finally get our room *thank God. It was already 1700 o'clock, and since we have several restaurant inspection to do, so we didn't got the chance to have some rest in the room. We spent about 2 hours for inspection on foot before we hit an Indonesian restaurant called "Delima" for dinner, yeeeaay! Enough with the yummy foods, we go back to hotel to get some rest before tomorrow's tight schedule to Hunter Valley.
Performance at Capitol Theatre

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Astonishing New Zealand - Part 3

Wow.. 3rd part already! Okay, where was I again? D06, time for Milford Sound. Hmm, if you all aware, Milford Sound is now categorized as one of New 7 Wonder of the world, and it was beautiful indeed. The trip was start from 07AM, we took 1 day tour package (ends in Te Anau) by Real Journey, one of the famous trip organizer in South island. As usual, it was guided tour (driver acts as guide) a long the way to Milford Sound. On the way, we stop by 4 times, 1st at Te Anau for coffee break then 5mins photo stop at Mirror lake after that short walk at The Chasm, and the last one is before tunnel (i forgot the name). There's one thing i can't forget was by the time we arrived at Te Anau, we were welcomed by the Rainbow. It was a stunning view! can't get enough of taking pictures :p
Rainbow in te Anau
We were arrived at Milford Sound as schedule, the cruise start from 1300. This cruise is also included lunch on board, so you may call it Cruise Lunch, I had Obento (served at 3rd floor) for lunch. Beside Obento, this cruise also provide buffet lunch, but what interesting is that the Captain himself told me that people who had Obente are the lucky one, so I guess I'm lucky then. For 1hr 45mins we were cruising around the Milford Sound, the Captain took us to some places, and tell the history of each places, sadly to be honest, i forgot all of it now!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Astonishing New Zealand - Part 2

Day 05 was start with a hectic morning. We had a super early flight schedule to Queenstown (around 07AM) and made us have to depart around 05AM from Hotel. Last night after a super yummy dinner, me and my room mate were collapse, forgot to ask for wake up call and set alarm wrongly! So, at 05AM one of my colleagues called our room and ask us to get our bu*t down to the lobby because we have a flight to catch! Super panic made me just grab my things and put all in my suitcase, wash my face, brushed my tooth, put on a jacket and voila it took only 5minutes and we both ready to go to Airport.

A bit sad for me to leave north island, yet i was so thrilled to see the beauty of south island. From above, few minutes before landing in Queenstown, i saw a stunning view of green hills all over, BEAUTY! Queenstown has a small airport, we spent less than 30mins to take our luggages and meet up with the driver who will escort us wandering around the city. It's only 10AM yet, the first stop is Winery! We took a winery tour and of course wine tasting at Gibbston Valley Winery. It was the fist time i went to a winery and i love it! Though i'm not an alcohol drinker, i love just to walk around the vineyard. Aside winery, Gibbston Valley also have a cheese factory and we can taste those tasty cheese for free! Love it. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Astonishing New Zealand - Part 1

A friend of mine once told me, "You ought to visit New Zealand, once in your lifetime!", and by the time I got the chance to visit that beautiful country, I told her, "Hell no, Once is not enough! I want to visit there again and again and again..."

I suppose to write this blog few months ago, when it's still fresh in my mind, the beauty of New Zealand (NZ) but due to some reason, I only got the time to write it down now. Story about my journey will be divided in to 2 or maybe 3 parts as there are so many things i want to tell!

Let's start! Early this year (end of March 2011), i got the chance to join in an Inspection to NZ (North and South island) and Sydney. I went there with 5 other colleagues, the main idea is to do Hotel inspection and get to know more info on this country. We took night flight on 21March11 and arrived at Auckland on the following day afternoon (6 hour time differences between Jakarta and Auckland).

My first impression by the time i reach Aukland is "Good God, This city is clean!". No trash, clean air, great scenery made me fall for this city. Picked up at Airport by a super friendly driver who took us to Mount Eden (a lookout point) on the way to our office which located in city center. From Mount Eden we can see the city of Auckland (literary) with cool scenery, definitely a must visit if you got the chance to come to Auckland.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

500K for Singapore trip?

Tergelitik dengan judul buku "Rp500 Ribu Keliling Singapura" membuat gw kepikiran sampe ga bisa tidur (lebay). How come? Kok bisa? hanya dengan bermodalkan 500ribu kita bisa keliling negara yang tergolong mahal itu? Well, sebenernya gw blom (gak tertarik lebih tepatnya) untuk baca buku tersebut. Yang bikin gw bertanya2, ngga takut terbilang memberikan "mimpi" kepada orang2 awam akan travelling? Gw cenderung takut orang2 akan berharap terlalu tinggi dan sedih bila mengalami kenyataan yang pahit (apa sih bahasa gw).

OK, lets get real! Buat gw 500ribu itu agak kurang cukup untuk keliling Singapore. Kenapa?? Karena apa2 di sana mahal! Naik bis yang cuma beda 3 shuttle aja bisa abis 1SGD (IDR 7000), nah menurut lo? Selain itu, darimana kita bisa dapet harga tiket pesawat ke Singapura dengan harga kurang dari 500ribu? Kalaupun Air Asia ngadain promo 0 rupiah, kita masih harus bayar biaya fuel surcharge yang ga sedikit (at least 150ribu). Call me pessimist, but that's the reality :)