Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nusakambangan, an Indonesian version of Alcatraz?

Cilacap, everytime i heard that city, all i can think of is Nusakambangan prison, one of the famous prison that located in the island of Nusakambangan, about 5 mins ferry ride from Cilacap harbour.

Having a group of friends who love to travel is a gift for me who also tends to love travelling. The idea of going to Cilacap, one of my friend hometown popped while we're discussing our next trip to Banda. Since there will be a-4-days-off in May, my friend, Mas Danny ask us to join him "pulang kampung" to Cilacap. He planning on going to Cilacap with his wife, Mba Terry and daughter, Kande. At that time, I'm still influenzed with one serial about Alcatraz, replied "YES" right away. I thought the prison might be the same with Alcatraz (yeah, rite!). Beside me, there's one other friend, Attriya who willing to join the trip, so you can say me and my friend escorting the "lil fam" back to their hometown (LOL).

Our trip itself actually start from 16May and ended at 20May, yet 9-10hrs drive between Jakarta to Cilacap made us spent 1 day on the road. After a hard day at the office, me and Attriya waiting at a mall nearby my office waiting for Mas Danny to pick us up. We're using a 150K-cost travel that day. Due to an extreme traffic, we decided to pich the travel to a-less-traffic-location, that would be Gelael, nearby tebet. After 1 stop by at the restaurant for a super late dinner (or maybe an early breakfast), we finnaly arrived at 8AM, the next day.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Lovely Birthday Trip

I wanna go somewhere on my birthday, to a place i love the most, the beach. That idea kept on popping in my head from early this year. My birthday falls on May 25, and by March i decided to spent my birthday in Bali, one of the paradise in Indonesia.

The first plan i had was experience land tour from Jakarta to Bali using bus and train as i never experience ferry crossing from Banyuwangi to Bali (viceversa). But since it took over a day to reach Bali by land, and I only have a limited time, so I decided to take flight to Bali instead and go back to Jakarta via Surabaya so I can still experience the ferry crossing. Well, it set then, time to have some fun!

Packed! Let's roll~~
24May12. Still got to work in the morning really frustrating as my mind keep on focusing to the holiday. Then, the best time has finally come, Bali here i come! My flight that day running smoothly, no delay, no turbulence, what a best way to start a holiday. To save cost, i stay over at my friend, Dita’s place. She also pick me up at the airport, using her bike, same bike that took me wander the city.

25May12. Happy birthday to me! Hoorray! As per today, i’m officially getting older by year. To celebrate it, I bought myself a package of Balihai cruise tour to Nusa Lembongan. Yes, i will spend the day of my birth in an island, enjoying some of “me time”. Since i bought this package through my office, so the sales person treat me very well, he even offer me to upgrade to a better package, on the house. Suprised of knowing i love diving as much i love snorkeling,  before taking off to Nusa Lembongan, he introduced me to the diving master and gave me some discount for diving trip. Once we arrived at Nusa Lembongan, the dive master encourage me to take the diving trip. Having a short budget i refuse the offer. When he knew that this was my birthday trip, he offer me a short diving trip for free! Yeeehhhaa~~ best birthday trip ever! Though it wasn’t the best diving spot, but for a free cost dive, it was more than enough! I love it~~