Friday, September 21, 2012

Short Getaway Ujung Genteng

It doesn't matter where we go, but who we're going with. It's true, don't you think? I enjoy going on a trip to a not well-known location with people i love instead of going to Europe with people i hate.

Me and my gals :)
A week after Eid Mubarak, I went to for a short getaway to Ujung Kulon with my lovely Fat-and-Furious girls (Avi, Shalli, Gina and Zaki) and Arya (Gina's husband). By short I really mean short in time. We spend less than 2 days, including the journey between Jakarta and Ujung Genteng. Though it's extremely short, but we had a fabulous time during the trip!

Hello, Me!
Me and the gals 
Few days before the trip we had a difficulty looking for driver who willing to drive us a 6-7hours journey to Ujung Genteng. Though i can drive, yet I don't trust my self that much, thus I'm more of a-matic-vehicle type of driver. Since it's still a holiday season, rate for a-rent-a-car-driver is super expensive, around 400K a day! So, i decided to look for a free driver by posting it on twitter. Luckily, Attriya respond my tweet and he willing to drive us, with one condition, we must go back to Jakarta early in the morning on Sunday. Since we got no better offer, so we decided to say YES and take the offer.

Here comes the Day! Friday, August 24, the day for Ujung Genteng trip also my last day working in GTA! After having a heartbreak farewell with my colleagues I went to Plaza Semanggi, our meet up point. Once all gathered, we took off and start the trip, yeeaay, Ujung Genteng, here we come! As i remember from my late trip to Ujung Genteng, it took whole life to reach the location, but not this time. Though it took more than 7hours ride, but I really enjoy the journey, so it doesn't really felt that long! After 2 stops on the way, we manage to arrive at Ujung Genteng approx in 3AM and go straight to Pondok Hexa, an inn nearby the beach. Since our bungalow shall available at 12, they give us a small room just to take a short rest. Well actually there's only me, Avi, Shalli and Zaki who get to sleep in the room while the other had to sleep in the car *evil grin*

Ujung Genteng Beach
Morning comes, the sun is already way up high, we look for breakfast outside and take a stroll at the beach. We had a simple breakfast at a food stall nearby the beach, a bowl of chicken porridge and a glass of tea *yum*. At 9, after enjoying a simple stroll by the beach, it's time to explore this area! Our first stop of the day is Curug Cikaso. FYI, you better not follow this route, as Curug Cikaso is located on the way to Ujung Genteng from Jakarta, so it's considered as a backtrack. Curug is a sundanese for Waterfall, yet by the time we got there, there's not even a single drop of water fall, Crazy! There are 2 ways to reach the waterfall, by take a short trip by boat (50K/return/group) or a by trekking for about 800mtrs. We choose the boat, of course. It was a hot day, so coconut sound delicious right, and it is! We had a coconut each and Attriya, who thinks that Ujung Genteng's "indomie" taste different than the one we had in Jakarta *yea rite* ordered a bowl of Indomie. Finished enjoying the coconut, we go back to Ujung Genteng for check in to our bungalow.

Ujung Genteng Beach

Hiiyeeaayy...! That was our reaction once we get in to the bungalow. It was a newly made building with 2 bedroom, TV room and a kitchen. It's really worth the cost, Love it! After check in and have a short rest we heading to a seaside restaurant named Nuansa for lunch. I don't know is it because we didn't have a proper meal or we just love to eat, we ate 3 huge portion of grilled fish, and i don't recall how many portions of kangkoong and fried squid in less than an hour! Ah it was such a heaven!

Pangumbahan Beach
We still got couple of hours before the time for releasing baby turtle (tukik) to the ocean at Pangumbahan Beach which means we have time to take bath, finally! After taking bath at a shot rest we took of to Pangumbahan beach. There's no solid road path there, so it'll be a bit struggle to go there using a usual car. Pangumbahan beach is a typical beach with a huge coast and of course a huge wave. That would be the main reason why there's so many tourist came here. They came for the wave, to surf. The tukik release itself only take 10minutes, a short yet memorable moment! We stayed there until sunset.

Ujung Genteng is located at southern part of Java, so though it's a beach area the weather is quite cold in the evening. That's the main reason i ordered a bowl of noodle for dinner. Beside an inn, a recommended one, Pondok Hexa also has a Restaurant located in front area. We had our dinner there. The food is actually not bad in taste, but you might need to be patient as their kitchen is located way back somewhere so it took almost an hour for us to get our order fulfilled. Either because we had a super lunch earlier or the thought of have to leaving this place tomorrow morning, so we all didn't seems excited having dinner. The night still young,  yet we go back to our bungalow to pack and take some rest as we have to go back early in the morning on the following day. No playing cards, no watch TV, we all go straight to the room and sleep!    

It was 4AM, and we all packed up and ready to go back to Jakarta. Unlike the first journey from Jakarta, this time the car is so quite as everyone fall a sleep and this time it only take about 5hours between Ujung Genteng and Jakarta. Kuuurrrreeeiizziihh! It's a bit awkward arriving in Jakarta this early, don't have any agenda, so we (exclude Attriya) decided on going to have an early lunch at a chinese-all-you-can-eat restaurant. So there were we, heading to Rose Garden with an empty stomach ready to eat some dimsum *yum*. We spent almost 3hours there, eat. Crazy? Not really, because the foods are delicious! Then, we (Me, Shalli, Avi and Zaki) heading to Shalli's place to have some rest before we go back to our place.

This trip would be the first trip with a complete member of Fat-and-Furious girls, hopefully not the last. I love it and I want to do it again, and again, and AGAIN! Once again, as i said earlier, It doesn't matter where we go, but who we're going with. It's true, at least I felt it :)