Thursday, April 4, 2013

This is how much I love Indonesia

I think, most of people love their country, their hometown. For me, I fell deeply in love with this crazy, almost-ruin yet beloved country, Indonesia.

About 4 years ago, with no skill whatsoever in a travel industry, i started working in a travel company. Back then i felt so enthusiast on learning about new things. In a first couple of month i struggle my as* out to learn about the system, the route and whatever that is. I begin to feel used to after the sixth month. The idea of working in a travel company never once crossed my mind, why? because i am a Japanese language graduate! Well, it turned out that Japanese are fond of traveling, so they do need a Japanese speaker to help them make itinerary :p

After a year working on itinerary for the Japs, I fell deeply in love with traveling itself. I made it as a hobby. I spend my weekends, long holiday to visit unique places, my favorite would be beaches! I started to do what they called "flashpacking" both domestic and abroad. I sometimes go with a group of friends and couple a time go "solo". I've made some of good friends because this hobby :)

About 2 years ago, i have this urge to do a flashpacking to Europe. My destination will be UK (England and Scotland) + Ireland. I started to make itinerary for 3weeks - 1 month solo trip to visit those dreamland, and of course start to save money for the trip, until....

Rintja island, Komodo NP
In the end of October 2011, a friend invite me to join a trip to Komodo Island. As we all know, Komodo Island was declared as one of the New Wonder of the World by Unesco. The trip itself held on March 2012, but start to gather the people and making some arrangement since late October 2011. The trip itself was awesome, I started to see the "real face" of Indonesia, and it's BEAUTIFUL! The sea, the hill, the underwater was such a heaven on earth. Don't forget the local culture! There are so many awesome culture that will make you say "Cool, I love it!", and still so many things, i can't even describe it one by one. And so, I started to fall deeply in love with my country. Don't get me wrong, before this, I do love my country, but it was not this much.

I started to re-arrange my next travel plan, no longer exploring other people's country and start to getting to know my beloved Indonesia even more :). Ah, there's so many amazing places to explore, yet too little time. As a foreigner once told my friend, "Keliling Indonesia tidak cukup hanya seumur hidup, tetapi perlu dua umur hidup." / "Traveling around Indonesia is not enough to be done in a lifetime, but we need two lifetimes". And my friend, that is how beautiful my country is in the eye of foreigner.

Komodo NP, photo by @sofyanard
Old man playing Saluang at Danau Diateh, West Sumatera
View of Gunung Api, Mollucas
Banda Island, Mollucas
Gili Trawangan, Lombok
Sunset at Suluban beach, Bali
Sunset at Langkisau Hill, Padang, West Sumatera
Me, at Banda Neira's airport. Photo taken by +Fuyanto Fu 

This is how I love my country. How about you?