Thursday, April 4, 2013

What's in a name

"What's in a name" or in Bahasa Indonesia "Apalah arti sebuah nama", ever heard that kind of statement? Lots, of course. 

For me, name means everything. It might be the first words we say if we want to start a conversation with a stranger, or perhaps we can categories the friendship level with our friends by how the called us. For me, since i was a kid until now, i have several nicknames. Start with Ucu/Ima, Kinoy, Bollie, Neng, Kair, or even dimples. I would know who am I speaking with or where/when i met them just by the way the called me. For example, Ucu or Ima is how my parent use to call me. Why ucu? Well, it's kinda long story that related with my family ethnic group, while Ima it's because when i was just a little girl, i can't pronounce "R" correctly (maybe).

And then Kinoy. Who is Kinoy anyway and why whould someone call me Kinoy? Well, back then, there's a puppet show called Unyil, Kinoy was Unyil's little brother. Kinoy has a bad habbit, he often cries whenever something bad happened, and so am I. Yes, i cried A LOT of times when i was just a little girl. That's the main reason most of my siblings and cousins called me with Kinoy. Oh, and yes, I was the youngest at that time.

Back when i was in junior high school, influenced with my family, i fell deeply in love with watching soccer. Yes, that sport with 22 men and 1 ball in a huge field. Bahasa Indonesia for soccer is "sepakbola" or we often just say "bola". That hobby continue until i was in highschool, and that's was where i got Bollie as my nick name. What is Bollie? There were so many people ask me this. It was kind of strange, but my friend create this nick name because of BOLA. If i may quote what they said back then "Kalo bola kan akhirannya pake "a", biasanya akhiran "a" itu buat cowo. Nah kalo cewe kan akhiran "i", jadi kita manggil lo BOLI aja ya?" - "BOLA is using the suffix "a" which usually used for men. Well since for female using suffix "i", so we call you BOLI, ok?". And overtime, the writing changed to Bollie.

Neng. Neng is a common nickname for Sundanese young female, like me :"). It was 2008 when i start to join an online forum. I use "n3ngIrma" as my login, and because of that, all of my friends (from the forum) start to call me Neng, even in the real life. Like it? Not so much, Hate it? well, not really.(so? hahaha)

Next is Kair. What is Kair, anyway? Well, Kair is an abbreviation (non formal) from Kakak Irma. Wow,  someone called me, the last child in the family, Kakak (lol). Back in 2008, when i work in a travel company, most of my colleagues are younger than me, and they called me Kair, so it's acceptable. Until, by the time i join a mobile photography community. One of my colleague from office introduce me with this community, and since she call me "Kair", so it followed by the other member, even those member who is older than me (sigh).

So, what nickname would you prefer to call me with? :)