Sunday, January 1, 2012

The power of Photo editing

I once write about how i love taking photos, yet i found difficulty in photo editing, until... I found loads of photo editing applications in my mobile phone and tablet! It kinda gave me an addiction. For the past few weeks i couldn't get enough time to edit photos in my tablet. Some of the apps that i love most are : Photoshop Express (iPad), reflection (iPad), Photo Toaster (iPad), Camera (iPhone), Picsay Pro (Android) and many more.

Now, i want to share some photo which i edited using above applications. I took the photos using etheir my cellphone, pocket camera or my Canon 450D. Please do enjoy them :)

Street nearby my apartment in Osaka, using rain effect at Pixlr O Matic
Jakarta Night shot, edited using Photoshop Express
Silky sunset at Tidung island, edited using Photo Toaster
Random pic, edited using Picsay pro
View of Mountcook, edited using reflection
Shutenkaku, Tennoji during sunset, edited using reflection
Jakarta at night, edited using Photoshop Express
My Journey during 2011, created using photo collage